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Igast maakonnast pääsevad piirkonnavooru kuni pooled tantsud. Umbes sama edasipääsuprotsent on ka Andre Laine tantsudel, kelle koolitantsu vaimustus algas Kanepi Gümnaasiumi õpilasena ja kes praeguseks on selle gümnaasiumi tantsupedagoog CERN Multimedia The CERN theory community mourns the loss of André Petermann, one of the first members of the Theory Division, who passed away last August in his 89th year. He pioneered, together with his advisor Stueckelberg, the renormalization group, Special Harjutused Kuidas suurendada Dick of the fundamental ideas in quantum field theory that underlies the modern theory of phase transitions as well as asymptotic freedom and the quest for unification of all the particle interactions.

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André was among the very first staff members of CERN, which at the beginning was a small group of theorists at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, headed by Bohr himself. When the group moved to Geneva, they first occupied a set of barracks in Cointrin, next to the airport, before moving to the University of Geneva, and then finally settling on the Meyrin site.

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André was our last direct contact with our nomadic origins. André Rousset died on 1 July at the age of For those who lived through the Gargamelle epic, his name is linked with the success of the great bubble chamber that made possible the discovery of neutral currents.

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A graduate of Paris's famous Ecole Polytechnique which produced so many great names in particle physics, André Rousset, a native Peenis suurendab videot southern France, joined Louis Leprince-Ringuet's famous laboratory at the Polytechnique in Among other topics, Rousset played a part in the cosmic ray experiments at the Pic du Midi in the Pyrénées and designed heavy liquid bubble chambers.

A Professor at the Ecole des Mines from onwards, he became deputy director of Louis Leprince-Ringuet's laboratory in In thi

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