Food Experience

Vacation with good food

Food Courses

Every chef’s creativity and passion comes out the best in a private surronding. Nautse Mihkli cottage’s kitchen is set up with just such a feeling.

Cooking courses and workshops always aim to provide something special, delicious and exciting. A mutual cooking experience helps join people, to familiarize and get to know each other better and all that through working together.

In addition to cooking from locally grown and organic foods, various aspects of cooking and serving the food will be introduced. When the dish is ready, everyone involved can enjoy their handiwork at the table. A good meal is usually not missing a good wine and therefore offers Inni wine courses too. Dinner menus also include a suitable wine reccommendation and in this field Ingrem works with Rein Kasela, who is a recognized sommelier and the founder of Rein Kasela Wine House in Rotermann Center.

A 3-course mutual cooking workshop-dinner costs 75 euros per person (during 2-3 hours we prepare together a delicious dinner from the best ingredients, that we later enjoy at a beautifully laid table, also includes a welcome drink and cooking workshop wine).

A daily cooking workshop, where 2 courses will be prepared together costs 55 euros per person (12.00-16.00).

3-course chef’s dinner is 38 euros per person