About Us

Nautse Mihkli is a holiday farm, where we wish to offer our guests the opportunity to relax in the middle of Muhu charms. It is important for us to create personal contact with each guest, which always helps You to find the necessary solutions and You can spend your vacation without worries. We offer advice on everything that relates to being and wondering around both in Muhu and Saaremaa.

Get to Know Us Better

Nautse Mihkli cottage on Muhu island is famous as the venue of the Future Music Festival Juu Jääb. Since autumn 2013, renovated Nautse Mihkli has opened its doors to old and new friends as a holiday farm.

In the initiative of Kalev and Ingrem Raidjõe, Nautse village’s oldest cottage has become a unique holiday farm, which keeps its environmental worthiness. The entire farm complex is genuinely refurbished. There is a large hall in the main house where parties and conferences can be held. Cozy farmrooms and also familyrooms are designed for sleeping. At summertime it is possible to sleep in the barn or in the forge and surely a wood-burning sauna is not missing.

Kitchen is the heart of the cozy farm, where the hostess and the main chef Ingrem Raidjõe is taking care of offering the best taste sensations.